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Sean Hug lit a candle on 11/14/2006: "Hey bud, we got a big wknd comin up w/ Ohio State vs Michigan. Really wish you could be there w/ all of us."
Mommy lit a candle on 11/01/2006: "Alex, I really am missing you bunches sweetheart! Just not the same without you my precious child....Love you!"
Ashley Borell lit a candle on 10/16/2006: "Think about you Al! I miss you so much... forever in my heart.. I can still hear your laugh I love you!"
Lindsey Dunne lit a candle on 10/10/2006: "You and your family are in my thoughts everyday. I miss you..."
Terry &. Remona Brannan lit a candle on 09/22/2006: "Alex you are never forgotten. We think of you and your family often."
Donna Robert Mom To Angie-Robert lit a candle on 09/15/2006: "Alex may you always be close to your love ones. Let the tips of your Angel wings touch them gently xoxo"
Raven Burns-Carmenate lit a candle on 09/15/2006: "My prayers and love are with you all...I'm so sorry..."
Jim Hale lit a candle on 09/11/2006: "Thinkin about you while i watch the riaders lol.By the way, Shockey had a TD last night. Im sure you saw it. Love you Al"
Silent Whispers lit a candle on 09/07/2006: "you are missed"
Bill Rohr And Julie lit a candle on 09/01/2006: "Thinking of you and so grateful for the pictures from Nick's grad party of you, Nick, Brandi & Andrew. We cherish them!"
Donna Mom To Angel Angie-Robert lit a candle on 08/24/2006: "The worse pain in life for parents are losing their child, the best things are the memories we have. xo"
Lindsey Hennon lit a candle on 08/22/2006: "Miss you so much Alex...Love you so much!!!"
Zach Rohr lit a candle on 08/17/2006: "wuts up cuz i miss u alot n so does every1 else"
Tania Seesan lit a candle on 08/16/2006: "Al, you are always in my matter where we go, everything reminds us of you, I love you and miss you!"
Malia, Jeff,& Adam Gerber lit a candle on 07/26/2006: "Alex, I know you'll be an important part of Mandy and Nick's special day as they begin a new life together on 12/15/07."
Shanon Romigh lit a candle on 07/25/2006: "We graduated together but never got a chance to meet you. My prayers go out to you and your family! May you R.I.P."
Mike Maier lit a candle on 07/18/2006: "Alex man miss you alot... There is alot of stuff going on and I wish you where here with us... Love lots, MIKEY MAIER"
Greg Nickels lit a candle on 07/03/2006: "love and miss you bro. you always made me laugh or brought a smile to my face. and ill never forget you for that."
Allison Sheetz lit a candle on 06/23/2006: "ALEX-- I MISS YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY. i just want to hear your laugh.... miss and love you sooo much"
Jenna Hutkowski lit a candle on 06/21/2006: "Hey Alex I was just thinkin about you today....I hope you've met up with my dad and step-dad, tell 'em hi for me!"
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